Published On: 17th August 2022

Access Foundation Awards £43,000 Grant to Support The Mustard Tree

The Mustard Tree

The Access Foundation has approved a grant to deliver a digital education programme to help disadvantaged and homeless people in the North West of England gain confidence and skills, to help them break out of poverty and seek opportunities in the job market.

The Mustard Tree is based in Greater Manchester and helps to combat poverty and homelessness by offering a ‘hand up’ to those in need through their many programmes of support.

The digital programme funded by the Access Foundation will reach hundreds of people through structured training sessions, drop-in sessions and face-to-face support.

The Mustard Tree strives to be a community of acceptance and aspiration for people who may not feel accepted elsewhere. The funding will help vulnerable people and families access essential services such as housing providers and doctors, as well as offer clients facing multiple barriers the opportunities to gain skills, build their confidence, and find work. Ultimately enabling everyone to feel like a valued, connected, and contributing member of society.
People who access The Mustard Tree range of services often face social isolation – one of the leading causes of poverty. Many clients are on low or no income and are struggling with debt.

Funding from Access Foundation will contribute to supporting good financial and mental wellbeing through digital inclusion, helping people to develop new skills including understanding the basics of using a computer or tablet, how to access Google apps, build CVs, create a LinkedIn, and navigating systems like Microsoft Excel.

Jack Barton, Communications and Digital Manager said:

“We believe in a Greater Manchester where everyone has the opportunity to be a connected, valued and contributing member of society. Helping clients overcome barriers around digital skills is essential to achieve this reality. The funding we have received through Access Foundation has enabled us to provide a focused and dignified experience for people who are looking to improve their confidence and self-efficacy when using technology”.