Apply for a Grant from The Access Foundation

To be eligible to apply for a grant from The Access Foundation an organisation must be aligned with the following objectives:

1. Digital Opportunities

To have as a key objective the mitigation of the digital divide by making computing facilities, support and/or learning available to disadvantaged and vulnerable people.

2. Chosen Charity

Be one of (or shortlisted for) the chosen Access Group Company Charities of the Year, of any year, past or present.

3. Emotional Connection

Be a charity for whom there is a strong emotional connection with a member of staff of The Access Group (e.g. through support they or a close relative have received from the charity). In this case, we would expect the member of staff to be involved in the application process.

Grant Application Form

“The decision to progress any application is at the sole discretion of the trustees and there is no obligation on the Foundation to provide a reason for decisions made in this regard.”