2023 Stats

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2022 Stats

We are committed to continually measuring our own performance and achievements to ensure our impact remains as significant as possible.

By continuing to develop the most relevant Key Performance Indicators for The Access Foundation, both internally and for benchmarking against industry best practice, we will ensure we work towards our goal of becoming recognised as a world-class charitable foundation.

We awarded over £1.3m in grant funding in 2022


Total funding by Pillar

Charity of the Year


Digital Divide


Staff Sponsored



Total grants awarded

In total we awarded 25 grants across our 3 pillars


Digital Divide

Organisations that assist in the mitigation of the digital divide, by supporting disadvantaged and vulnerable people through digital education and resources.


Charity of the Year

Charities who have been selected or shortlisted as The Access Group charities of the year, past or present, with specific projects or activities.


Staff Sponsored

Organisations that a member of staff of The Access Group has experienced significant support from (either for themselves or a close relative).


Sectors Covered

Sectors of charitable causes received our funding

  • Higher Education: 3
  • Homeless: 3
  • Local Community: 7
  • Mental Health: 3
  • Physical Health: 5
  • Primary Education: 1
  • Prison: 1
  • Secondary Education: 2

World-Class Efficiency




Amount spent on Overheads


Amount given to Grantees

1 Day

31 Days


Days taken to Approve Grant


Days taken to pay an invoice