Annual Report 2022

Making a positive impact on people's lives

In our inaugural year, we have successfully delivered on our stated mission, improving the lives of thousands of people in the UK and abroad.


Helping those who are at a disadvantage when it comes to engaging with the digital world


Supporting projects run by The Access Group charities of the year


Helping charities which have previously supported Access staff

Continually focused on impact

We are continually focused on what our grant program delivers; it is an important funding principle for us to see the final impact that a grant makes to an individual person. It is not enough to just grant money to a charity; we need to see and measure how it has improved an individual’s life chances.

Our Funding Pillars

The Access Foundation focuses on charities which fit into one of our three funding pillars:

Digital Divide

Organisations that assist in the mitigation of the digital divide, by supporting disadvantaged and vulnerable people through digital education and resources.

Charity of the Year

Charities who have been selected or shortlisted as The Access Group charities of the year, past or present, with specific projects or activities.

Staff Sponsored

Organisations that a member of staff of The Access Group has experienced significant support from (either for themselves or a close relative).

Growing staff sponsored grants in 2023

We are excited to announce that we will be supporting ten times more staff sponsored charities next year. For these organisations there is the opportunity to obtain a grant of between £5k and £10k, the perfect amount to fund smaller projects that can be quickly implemented, but still deliver effective results.